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Hurr. Venus;
-September 14, 2014-
Hello, everyone!

This blog is soon going to be full of some Sonic Boom craze! Be prepared!
Welcome to this lil lady's page.
Anything of my utmost interest is in this blog - Sonic, Anime, and video games being a few examples, as well as my edits. If you like what you see, don't hesitate to follow or give me a brief hello. I don't bite. Hurr. ^.^
Thank You
Fellow Sonikku fans + others! I really, really wanna thank you all so much for following my blog! I wholeheartedly appreciate all the love and attention my page and my edits have been receiving! It means the world and it pushes out moar edits! So thank you again on that!
Sometime soon I will be coming out with another blog that's strictly all on anime and will be uploading edits there. And for this blog, I will keep all of my Personal/Sonic X/Sonic Boom edits here. I'll fill you guys in when that happens.
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I honestly cannot wait for this show! Expect lots and lots of SB GIFs from 
me in the future, ya'll.

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